Fraud prevention tool

Detect, prevent, and mitigate fraud in your program with ID Risk Analytics

Combine referral assessments, case development, and prosecution outcome tracking to get ahead of waste and abuse with this fraud prevention tool

Reduce improper payments and protect program integrity

Customizable reports

Gain clarity on your investigation's next steps with the Special Investigation Unit. This customized report is made up of more than 40 behavioral analytic algorithms, with risk scoring and verified identity data, to help your team prioritize leads.

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Risk listed by priority

Color-categorized severity levels will help you prioritize claimants so you can focus on the subjects with the most risk.

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Next steps clearly identified

See where each record falls within risk categories, as well as the total benefits paid to high, medium, and low-risk claimants. The easy-to-understand narrative outlines your agency’s needs and potential risks.

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The value of ID Risk Analytics

Internal subject data such as application metrics and claim metrics

Shared analytics such as addresses, phone numbers, and incarceration data

Customized risk alerts to detect patterns and anomalies

Identity validation and confidence scoring via CLEAR ID Confirm