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ID Risk Analytics

Rising claim volumes, sophisticated fraud schemes, and overloaded staff demand new methods to understand program risk and detect fraud before it happens

Quickly distribute payments to your community while reducing risk to your program

Enable your team to protect your public benefits program from the risk associated with potentially fraudulent and improper payments with Thomson Reuters ID Risk Analytics. Combining your agency data with identity verification and deep human analytical review provides an unmatched ability to detect, prevent, and investigate fraud within your program.

What you get with ID Risk Analytics

Special investigation team

The Thomson Reuters SIU team will analyze your inputs and provide detailed analysis

Categorized fraud risk

Potential fraud risk will be categorized on severity levels to assist in paying claimants faster

Quick enablement

Access analytics in weeks, not months or years to reduce risk to your benefits program

Gain clarity on which claims can proceed and which require investigation

Within weeks receive a report from our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) which categorizes potential fraud risk into high, medium, and low categories. This report includes more than 40 behavioral analytic algorithms with risk scoring and verified identity data.

Prioritize investigations with fewer results and more focused, credible leads

Focus your efforts by knowing which claimant files possess the most risk with red/yellow/green categorization. The green category is just as important as the red. Green, low-risk beneficiaries represent no indication of fraudulent activity. Red, high-risk beneficiaries are prioritized to focus your team's investigative efforts.

Leverage documentation to request additional resources, funding, and policy changes

ID Risk Analytics shows which records fall within each risk category and the total benefits paid to high, medium, and low-risk claimants. The results are easy to understand and distill a narrative outlining the needs of your agency and potential risks to benefits programs.

Experience ID Risk Analytics today

Discover a more streamlined approach to reducing risk in your agency

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