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Risk is ever evolving — with AI-enhanced technology from Thomson Reuters, you can anticipate tomorrow’s threats and evolve faster

Risk, fraud, and investigations solutions built for preventing, detecting, and investigating

Leverage the power of comprehensive data to uncover insights that can help you decide with whom to do business, detect areas of high risk, and quickly locate subjects and assets. Integrate risk-scoring models and behavior-based analytics directly into your workflow. 

Access the most up-to-date public records on your subjects with premium people and business information from the three largest credit bureaus. Quickly search multiple databases to locate property records; professional licenses; criminal and court records.

Protect your stakeholders and clients with insights from best-in-class subject-matter experts. Over 1,700 law enforcement agencies and 1,300 financial institutions rely on our content to help guide them in risk, fraud, and investigations services. 

Take a look at a few of our risk, fraud, and investigations products

We take fraud prevention, risk detection, and investigations seriously. Explore how our products can assist your organization.

Fraud Detect

Improve fraud prevention and detection

View trends, individual leads, clusters, and patterns to uncover potential fraud. Detect and predict complex schemes through detailed analyses and prioritize leads through live-data updates.

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A clear way to mitigate risk

Locate hard-to-find data on people and businesses, identify fraudulent activity, and close gaps in criminal investigations.

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Streamline your investigations

“CLEAR is as easy to use as any other database, especially when you’re in a hurry in an investigation and need answers quickly.” 

Special Deputy Ramona York, Richland County (SC) Sheriff’s Department

Learn how CLEAR can help law enforcement:

  • Locate information on your subjects easily, such as phone records, property records, and more
  • Gain crucial insights to help improve community safety and close gaps in investigations with access to real-time booking records
  • Leverage transparent data with source provider and recency information

ID Risk Analytics

Reduce improper payments and protect program integrity

“IDRA gives us a good visual of what we’re looking at for our system as a whole for fraud. We felt like we were just treading water and had been trying desperately to identify everything. This gives us a beacon — a place to start."

– Criminal investigator, state government unemployment insurance division

Government agencies save time and detect risk with ID Risk Analytics:

  • Prioritize claimants with color-categorized severity levels to focus on the subjects with the most risk
  • Gain clarity on your investigation’s next steps with tailored reports 
  • Receive customized risk alerts to help streamline investigations