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CLEAR skip tracing tools

Increase your success rate with CLEAR

Recover assets efficiently with accurate, real-time information

Thomson Reuters CLEAR for skip tracing helps collections professionals increase their efficiency and accuracy. CLEAR for skip tracing combines real-time data with advanced tools to save time and increase your success rate.

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Results that make a difference

Live gateways put real-time public records information at your fingertips. Our data comes from four live gateways: two credit headers (Transunion and Experian), and live vehicle data. You can be confident that you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information on your subjects.

Multiple sources for accurate data

Know exactly where the data came from, with a variety of public data outlets and proprietary sources, including SSN, phone providers, credit header, and bankruptcy content being updated frequently.

On-point results

Easily view results with the most relevant results appearing at the top of your list. Deduplication of records ensures irrelevant data is left out of your search. You can also start your search with any information you have available — name, phone number, SSN, and even partial information. 

We are able to validate addresses and information against other databases and quickly assign out for quicker recovery.

CLEAR features

Reverse phone search

Find subjects with just a phone number, and access detailed records of how your subject's search number is connected to an entity.

Linked search

Perform related searches on specific data elements within your results or reports without having to create a new search.

Property insights

Use satellite and street view features to help identify whether property is commercial, residential, occupied, or abandoned.

Source transparency

See where the data came from, when it was supplied, and who supplied it. Be confident that you are referencing the most current and comprehensive data

Multiple access options

Make CLEAR work for your workflow with either online, batch or API access.

Customizable preferences

Customize your reports, dashboards, and workspace to find and view the results that matter most to you.

Want to see CLEAR in action?

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