CLEAR Skip Tracing

Efficiently retrieve current information and locate individuals with CLEAR Skip Tracing

Experience this one-stop skip tracing software that allows you to find people faster without sacrificing confidence

Locate people more effectively and efficiently with a customized search process

Flexible search criteria to help you find more with less

Find people quickly through various search criteria, such as name, address, phone number, SSN, and driver’s license number. This flexible search — backed by machine learning — will help you expedite your collection efforts, even if you begin your search with an old phone number.

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Tailor reports to meet your specific needs through unique personalization

Document your findings through distinct report sections, including names, aliases, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, associates, and more. Personalize the display of the report to highlight specific sections or remove details that are not meaningful to you. Then, export and print reports to easily review or share important information.

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Receive fast results from premium data sources

Access critical location information supplied by a myriad of transparent data sources, including the top three credit bureaus and bank account header records. The address results note when the data source last reported that information.

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Tap into different types of searches

Person search

Find the latest reported address and phone number for subjects of interest with this flexible search template.

Business search

Find critical details through different business documentation, such as business entity filings, business phones, business profile records, and more.

Phone search

Locate subjects with just a phone number and see detailed records about how a number may be connected to an entity.

The value of CLEAR Skip Tracing

Timeliness of data rated best in class

Reported by 84% of surveyed organizations

Ease-of-use rated best in class

Reported by 78% of surveyed organizations

Return on investment within seven to 12 months

Reported by 86% of surveyed organizations after implementing CLEAR Skip Tracing