CLEAR Skip Tracing features

Locate individuals quickly to collect on debt faster

Bolster your collection process with unique technology and premium data from CLEAR Skip Tracing

Dashboard tools

Access hard-to-find information on your subject of interest through our dashboard display, which uses investigative tools to provide a quick subject overview.

Contact View

Immediately see connected phone numbers and addresses for subjects of interest without having to run a report. Also, review other vital details such as aliases, death flags, and partial driver’s license numbers.

Associate Analytics

Discover relatives and associates connected to an individual. This user-friendly table indicates how the relative or associate is tied to your search subject, such as via shared addresses and phone numbers. Dive deeper into those subjects by simply clicking their name.

Address Map

Assess the addresses associated with a particular subject on an interactive map. Zoom in, pinpoint specific locations, and use the drag-and-drop pegman icon to view the map in street-level format.

Dive deeper into your searches with these investigative tools

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Search tools

Gain insights into your subjects through a streamlined interface where you have flexible search options and can obtain key details related to your collection efforts.

Search criteria

Find people quickly through various search criteria, such as name, address, phone number, SSN, and driver’s license number. This flexible searching backed by machine learning will help you expedite your collection efforts, even if you begin your search with an old phone number.

Current records 

Access public records information that is consistently updated from premium data sources, including the top three credit bureaus.

Source transparency

Increase confidence and better understand when and where your search results are derived to help with documentation and reporting requirements.

Reverse phone search 

Find subjects of interest with just a phone number. Users can receive detailed records on how the inputted number is connected to an individual, connected addresses, and carrier information.

Linked search 

Perform related searches on specific data elements within your results or reports without starting a new search. Find information like addresses, business names, driver's license numbers, and email addresses.

Streamline searches and get results faster

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Customized reports

Tailor reports to meet your specific documentation and collections needs.

Report filters

Save time and effort by determining which sections are necessary for a report before generating. You can work within a wide variety of sections, including addresses, phone numbers, death records, relatives, and associates. This selection process allows easy navigation while still pinpointing crucial pieces of information.

Custom report display

Rearrange the sequence of report sections to highlight selected areas of a report or remove sections when they aren't meaningful to you. You can even restore sections later on if necessary. Allow your needs to dictate the order of information in your reports.

Format options 

Print or export your reports as a PDF, Microsoft Word document, or through XML format. We also offer the ability to export your reports into our Workspace feature, which allows you to visualize results from multiple collection cases.

Highlight the critical results in custom reports

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