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Instantly find relevant caselaw while analyzing gaps in your arguments, effectively manage your organization's resources, and discover expert insights — our solutions provide all this and more

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Revolutionize your legal work with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) and gain a competitive advantage with data-driven insights. Save time and elevate your team's efficiency with tools that can improve workflows, add structure, and provide insights into your upcoming cases.

Find answers to complex legal issues and discover updated regulations in seconds with a quick search. Easy-to-read original content makes even the toughest matters digestible. Explore extensive primary and secondary sources to ensure you have all the right information.

Gain a competitive advantage by exploring our in-depth document analyses written by dedicated, full-time attorney-editors. Our on-staff legal editors provide invaluable insights into previous cases, topics, and statutes that can’t be found anywhere else. Gain confidence in knowing your research is backed by experts in the field who keep information updated in real time across the globe.

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Westlaw Precision

Experience dramatic speed and quality in your research

Elevate your research with Westlaw Precision, the fastest way to find what you need. Streamline your workflow with tools that deliver more precise researching and expanded KeyCite functionality.

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Practical Law

Deeply researched legal guidance and time-saving tools

Access over 90,000 resources across 17 practice areas, written and maintained by expert attorney-editors. Practical Law offers tools and relevant content that help you proceed with confidence on even the most complex matters.

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Experience effortless collaboration and workflow efficiencies with HighQ

HighQ is a simple yet intelligent solution that provides improved collaboration, increased productivity, and streamlined workflows — plus mobile capabilities, so you can work anytime, anywhere.

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Westlaw Edge

Knowledge is power

"Get Westlaw Edge and don't hesitate. It is absolutely worth it. It'll make you a better attorney. It'll make your firm better. And you'll serve your clients better than you have before."

Steven Smelser, Partner at Yukevich | Cavanaugh

Discover all the ways Westlaw Edge helped Yukevich | Cavanaugh.

Practical Law

Powerful time saver

"The amount of time educating myself and bringing myself up to speed is a fraction of what it was before."

Dustin Hurley, Hurley Law

Learn how Hurley Law measures the return on investment of Practical Law at their firm.