CLEAR Risk Inform

Quickly receive summarized insights to prevent fraud and detect risk 

Help protect your organization against potential hazards with CLEAR Risk Inform, a customizable risk assessment tool that delivers adverse indicators on subjects of interest

Enhance your risk management workflow with a fully configurable solution

Easily obtain adverse flags during risk assessment

Save time during analysis by receiving flags for synthetic identities, criminal and arrest records, sanctions, and other risky affairs.

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Utilize risk scoring to review your most adverse subjects first

Prioritize high-risk subjects for further investigation based on calculated risk scoring set by your organization.

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Configure to meet your risk management needs

Increase productivity among users with fully customizable risk settings that fit your organization’s specific needs.

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Corporate and government professionals use CLEAR Risk Inform to mitigate risk and prevent fraud

Financial institutions

Quickly assess risk during onboarding to prevent fraud and follow Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) regulations.


Get immediate insights for providers and beneficiaries through a calculated risk score, configurable definitions, and separation of high- and low-risk subjects. 


Easily conduct risk assessments during customer onboarding and help your special investigation unit (SIU) department investigate potential fraudulent claims.


Obtain an automated risk assessment and calculated risk score for individuals and businesses filing unemployment insurance claims. 

Vendor due diligence

Ensure you conduct business with low-risk companies by using configurable definitions and calculated risk scoring based on your organization’s risk appetite.


Understand potential risks when doing business with customers and before shipping products online.

The value of CLEAR Risk Inform

40% more efficient risk assessment 

Experienced by customers from a variety of industries such as banking, insurance and securities, and cryptocurrency.

30% faster with processes to meet compliance requirements 

Realized by customers with annual revenue ranging from $15 million to $10 billion.

7- to 12-month ROI 

Ninety-four percent of surveyed organizations saw a return on their investment within seven to 12 months.

“My favorite thing about CLEAR Risk Inform is the ease of use. Two inputs — name and state — generally put you on a path to all the due diligence you need at least as a first screen.”

Neal Shipley
CEO, Capital Foundry LLC