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CLEAR Risk Inform

Access a complete view of the risk of your subjects

Get immediate risk insights for individuals and businesses in just one search

Protect your organization against risk with reliable information you can trust. With a century of experience analyzing complex data, Thomson Reuters has simplified and organized criminal records across all state and federal criminal jurisdictions. Quickly review risk indicators such as arrests, bankruptcies, redundant SSNs, synthetic identity, and more.

Whether you are choosing to do business with a vendor, or are onboarding a new provider, truly knowing them doesn’t have to be unduly burdensome. CLEAR Risk Inform lets you automate and configure your risk analysis to fit the unique requirements of your organization. A simple search process ensures consistent results while reducing human error. 

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What you get when you use CLEAR Risk Inform

Calculated risk score

Evaluate your customer by data grouped into key risk factors. Receive a score that immediately identifies if the subject carries too much risk.

Separation of low from high risk subjects

Analytics flag subjects with bad risk profiles, while identifying approved transactions that meet your risk threshold score.

Accurate and automated risk analysis

CLEAR Risk Inform prevents inaccurate or missing information and is much more efficient than manual collection.

Configurable definitions

You can set your own risk tolerance by choosing the factors contributing to a score.

User-friendly interface

CLEAR Risk Inform comes with a simple but thorough display of the information you need.

Consistent processes

Staff can use CLEAR Risk Inform in a consistent method in multiple workflows across your organization

See how CLEAR Risk Inform works


Learn more about advanced CLEAR capabilities


Bring together key proprietary and public records into one intuitive, customizable environment.

Batch Services

Search thousands of people or businesses at once, and choose the data you want returned.


Perform searches within your own internal user interface so you can work more efficiently in a familiar environment.

CLEAR ID Confirm

Quickly screen and validate customers with the premium electronic identity verification system.

Want to see CLEAR in action?

Take the next step with a demo of CLEAR Risk Inform capabilities

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