CLEAR Risk Inform features

Bolster your workflow with enhanced risk assessment and analysis tools

Quickly highlight hidden adverse indicators with the features and functionality offered in CLEAR Risk Inform

Data visualization and analytics

Quickly understand the risk of your subjects through summarized risk analysis, scoring, and customizable criteria.

Adverse risk flags

Catch risks quickly during analysis by spotting signs of synthetic identities, criminal and arrest records, sanctions, and other concerns.

Categorized risk scoring

Prioritize and further investigate high-risk subjects based on calculated risk scoring set by your organization. Risk scores are calculated by accumulating individual scores for adverse records, such as multiple SSNs, death indicators, and criminal and arrest records.

Customizable criteria 

Customize settings to fit your organization’s specific needs surrounding risks and increase productivity among users.

Associate analytics 

Discover relatives and associates connected to an individual. This user-friendly table indicates any adverse past and relevant ties with your search subjects.

Transparent data sourcing 

Increase confidence and better understand where your search results come from to help with documentation requirements.

Elevate your risk assessment analysis

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Workflow tools

Get flexible risk management data delivered to fit your organization’s needs.

Flexible data delivery

Desktop, API, and batch options are available to meet your data needs — whether you need to utilize an intuitive interface, conduct bulk searching, or integrate data into your organization’s existing system.

Customizable reports

Efficiently generate comprehensive reports on individuals and businesses. Report sections are fully customizable, allowing you to include relevant information and save templates for future use.

Experience new levels of flexibility with CLEAR Risk Inform

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