Legal financial management 

Take ownership of your financial activities and improve your business in the process

Advance beyond law firm financial management

Increase opportunity for growth, profitability, and client value

Make managing finances quicker and easier with solutions that will help you:

  • Drive efficiency and growth by reducing the time it takes to complete operational duties and free up time for billable hours and business development
  • Increase profitability by automatically tracking your full range of accounting and financial reporting activities
  • Connect all areas of the firm's business to meet client demands while communicating updates efficiently and accurately

Outside counsel spend

Solutions to help the complex needs of corporate legal departments. Manage costs properly, predict and control outside spend, and run your law department more like a business.

Legal Tracker Advanced

Quickly analyze and compare legal costs against crucial benchmarks, including past data and industry standards. Equip your legal department with actionable insights to confidently negotiate rates and fees with external legal partners and enhance oversight and control over legal expenditures.

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