Legal spend management software

Essential AI-powered spend management resources for your corporate legal department 

Gain access to actionable insights and trusted resources to strengthen spend management and maximize your legal department's value

Better data. Better insights. Better results.

Make data-driven spend and budgeting decisions

Achieve insight into your legal spend through a consolidated dashboard that provides stronger internal and external benchmarking. See the impact of proposed law firm rate increases in real time so you can predict future spend, view year-over-year budget impacts, and identify savings opportunities across your law firm portfolio.

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Intuitive workflows and automation for negotiation and firm selection

Matter pricing and RFP empower legal departments to enhance their competitive advantage: accurately compare firms, automate processes, confidently negotiate, streamline learning and implementation, and improve the quality of outside legal support. Leverage the market’s top corporate legal spend data library for benchmarking matter, firm, and rate against industry, historical, and activity data.

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Unleash the expertise of your legal professionals with streamlined workflows

Generative AI-powered natural-language processing and advanced multi-language models empower your legal department to make quick work of invoice reviews and unlock increased savings. Legal Tracker Advanced provides the AI tools you need to refine internal workflows and maximize your team’s resources.

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The value of Legal Tracker Advanced

Volkswagen Group of America and Legal Tracker Advanced were named ACC 2022 Value Champions due to their work streamlining the rate increase process and ultimately delivering significant savings.

The benchmarking and metrics your legal department needs

Internal benchmarking 

Efficiently gather the insights and data your legal department needs — including increases and variances for comparable firms — to make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio management.

External benchmarking 

Improve external benchmarking capabilities by comparing your law firm rate patterns with the broader legal industry. Pinpoint irregular data points and outliers to see how your organization measures up.

CAGR metric 

Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) allows for evaluating the impact of past rate increases over time when comparing the performance of different legal timekeepers and firms.