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Get help with a wide array of tools to improve your business:

  • Simplify your project management, improve client satisfaction, and increase profits
  • Achieve greater efficiency, increase security, and lower costs to gain more opportunity for real growth
  • Save time with faster report tracking, drafting, and process automation

Billing management software

Legal billing management solutions to help manage invoices, track for matter and spend management, and centralize everything you need to manage your firm.

Legal Tracker

Take the work out of your workflow and streamline operations management in your corporate legal department. Use this artificial intelligence-powered solution for e-billing, spend management, and benchmarking analytics.

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Court management software

Get greater efficiency, security and lower costs with the most comprehensive court management solutions.


A web-based court management system for clerks, court administrators, and judges. Capture, track, process, and report on case information with this comprehensive software.

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Legal calendaring solution

Solutions to help manage your appointments and rules-based legal deadlines with speed and efficiency.

Deadline Assistant

Reduce legal calendaring errors and customize calendars to stay current with court changes. Calculate federal, state, and local deadlines and manage timelines across your entire firm, department, or team.

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Practice management and growth

Solutions that will help you manage, organize, and grow your firm. These tools cater to a wide array of business needs to help your firm operate at peak efficiency and deliver premium client value.

Monitor Suite

Business development software providing legal information, company data, and docket coverage. Discover new opportunities, understand your firm's competitive advantages, and develop business strategy.

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Project and knowledge management

Tools to help automate workflow and simplify your project management, improve client satisfaction, and increase profits.


A business management tool for legal professionals that automates workflow. Simplify project management, increase profits, and improve client satisfaction.

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Workflow automation software

Legal solutions that match your workflow needs. Track and process reports, draft orders, automate processes, and more.

Judicial Chambers

Manage judicial workflow with this off-the-record tool for judges and chambers staff. Access documents to consider issues, draft orders, craft decisions, and determine sentencing.

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