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Thomson Reuters Judicial Chambers

Streamline judicial workflow with an off-the record tool that supports the drafting, legal research, and collaboration needs of judges and chambers staff

Simplify judicial workflow

Thomson Reuters Judicial Chambers is a unique software solution that enables the judge and staff to access all relevant documents to help consider issues, draft orders, determine sentencing, and craft decisions. Workflow, notification, and task management tools help chambers staff manage priorities and ensure deadlines are met.

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Meet deadlines in today's fast-paced court

From a single online dashboard, manage your workflow and day-to-day judicial tasks across your chambers team.

Operate efficiently despite limited resources

Store and access exemplar documents, enabling law clerks to quickly learn a judge’s style, and share templates across chambers staff.

Overcome increased caseloads

With a single connected system, the Judge and staff work collaboratively, managing case load, case tasks, and calendar for efficiency and accuracy.

Overcome the toughest court management challenges

Single online dashboard

Draft, research, and review documents, hold conferences, prepare for court, review cases, statistics, and reports all from a single interface.

Westlaw integration

With your Westlaw subscription, full integration ensures accuracy and the correct interpretation and application of the law.

Automatic notifications

Get notifications of upcoming deadlines, outstanding tasks, and documents that require a judge’s signature.

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Bring new levels of efficiency, organization, and collaboration to your chambers