Trial readiness, legal process, and case guidance

Comprehensive solutions to collect, organize, and execute legal matters and business operations more efficiently

Simplify your workflow for both legal and business matters

Accomplish routine management tasks efficiently with easy-to-use software

Streamline your work with management solutions that help you:

  • Prepare cases and manage evidence via an advanced digital platform
  • Bring new efficiency to the way you organize and analyze case documents and digital evidence
  • Perform matter management more effectively and efficiently
  • Standardize the management of both legal matters and business operations

Case management software

Comprehensive digital solutions for managing cases and evidence.

Case Notebook

Your key to efficient litigation case management. Searchable software that helps you organize, analyze, and share essential information.

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Matter management

Streamline and centralize business operations and matter management.

Legal Tracker Advanced

Quickly analyze and compare legal costs against crucial benchmarks, including past data and industry standards. Equip your legal department with actionable insights to confidently negotiate rates and fees with external legal partners and enhance oversight and control over legal expenditures.

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