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Latest product advancements driven by customer demand

Product spotlight

Marijuana-related businesses (MRB)

Sample MRB record

Includes licensing information on approximately 15,000 businesses and 33,000 individuals in the cannabis industry.

MRB reveals details around business types (e.g. dispensary; manufacturer) and if individuals are associated (e.g. owner; investor).

Currently, cannabis is legal for recreational use in 11 states and D.C. Medicinal cannabis is also legalized in many additional states. However, the legalization of marijuana-related activities within various states does not change that marijuana remains a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and therefore is subject to the federal crimes outlined in that Act.

Whether conducting vendor due diligence, client intake, M&A research, or general risk assessment – MRB content from Company Investigator on Westlaw broadens customer research and helps identify additional possible risk.

More added features and search functionality

Enhanced customization

Large reports can become daunting. This feature allows you to remove certain records from content categories. For example, many organizations have corporate filings in numerous states. Now, you can remove the corporate filings in states you do not care to see.

Increased coverage

In addition to the thousands of jurisdictions already covered, we have added numerous jurisdictions for corporate filings, real property records, professional licenses, and more.

Quickly run reports

Customers now have the option to generate reports from the Company Investigator search results list. This can help to increase efficiency for your organization. Previously, customers were required to click into a search result in order to generate a report.

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