CoCounsel Drafting features

Increase productivity with an end-to-end drafting solution 

Create, review, and finalize documents with generative AI-powered skills from CoCounsel Drafting — all without leaving Microsoft Word

Time-saving tools

Easily find a starting point within existing documents and templates from trusted sources, saving time and freeing up resources for more valuable activities.

Search your documents with CoCounsel

Avoid wasting time looking for documents: search across your document repository directly from within Microsoft Word to quickly locate past work relevant to your current drafting needs. This natural-language search outpaces cumbersome navigation with AI-generated metadata tags, a document summary, and an at-a-glance visual to ensure you have found the document you are seeking.

Contract Express templates 

Efficiently create first drafts and eliminate unnecessary steps in the drafting process. Contract Express users can gain access to guided questionnaires and customized templates that provide a logical starting point, allowing them to save time and conserve mental energy. 

Practical Law Standard Documents 

Access Standard Document model agreements and Automated Document templates within the Practical Law Dynamic Tool Set. As a subscriber you can avoid the risks and costs associated with manual drafting to quickly draft unique documents you can download and edit in Microsoft Word.

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AI-enabled drafting

Use professional-grade generative AI from Thomson Reuters — built on the content you know and trust — to draft and modify clauses, compare and summarize text, and analyze your documents for common errors. 

CoCounsel: GenAI Assistant

Revolutionize the way you work with CoCounsel, the first professional-grade generative AI (GenAI) assistant for professionals from Thomson Reuters. Increase productivity using generative AI built on more than 150 years of authoritative content and industry expertise.

Clause Finder

Streamline your drafting process by accessing market and gold-standard clauses for your contracts and agreements. Find clauses by selecting agreement and clause type to locate relevant language from trusted sources such as Practical Law, SEC agreements, and your own repository of internal documents. 

CoCounsel Draft clauses 

Direct your request to CoCounsel for a quick first draft of the clauses you need.

CoCounsel Modify clauses 

Make quick work of revisions and enhance the precision of your clause language.

CoCounsel Summarize 

Get up to speed quickly with an accurate summary of the terms and clauses in your lengthy agreements.

Reimagine the drafting process, improve your contract language, and streamline revisions with CoCounsel Drafting

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Analyze and refine documents

Analyze documents to identify common drafting errors, compare and redline third-party agreements against playbooks to speed up negotiations, and apply consistent formatting to your documents.

Playbook guidance

Effortlessly create preferred or required clause language and negotiation guidance based on your custom playbooks and Practical Law playbooks. This approach streamlines the contract drafting process and ensures consistency across contractual documents.

Deviation detection 

Utilize artificial intelligence to rapidly detect deviations in your documents, rely on generative AI to help modify clause language while you draft, and manage the entire review process.

Deal Proof 

Ensure you deliver the best possible product with Deal Proof. This tool instantly uncovers errors, inconsistencies, and missing information in your documents, allowing you to maintain the highest quality of work.

Ensure accuracy, identify missing language, and refine your work with CoCounsel Drafting

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