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Banking on better intelligence

Discover how to protect your organization from risk, increase the accuracy of your AML/KYC investigations and accelerate customer onboarding – all the while saving time and money.

The banking industry has experienced a turbulent decade

For the institutions that survived the 2008 financial crash and the seismic regulatory reforms that followed, additional challenges continue to arise from increased demand for mobile banking and data security.

With the global pandemic bringing further disruptions in the form of increased fraudulent activity, heightened compliance risks, and return to work planning, financial institutions are being tested like never before.  It is times like these where leaders are forged, and powerful solutions are employed.

We invite you to explore these resources so you can bank on better intelligence.

KYC Compliance

Discover how incorporating automated decision making in your workflow saves time and money while increasing the accuracy of your KYC investigations.

Online investigation software

CLEAR Risk Inform

Protect your organization against risk with reliable information you can trust. With a century of experience analyzing complex data, Thomson Reuters has simplified and organized criminal records across all state and federal criminal jurisdictions.

AML/Fraud Investigation

The fraud detection and investigation process is being revolutionized by rapid technological advancements. In order to compete, financial institutions need to adopt AML technologies to identify and mitigate fraud.

Online investigation software

CLEAR for anti-money laundering

Thomson Reuters CLEAR anti-money laundering tool brings together a vast collection of public and proprietary records, sophisticated analytics, and live data into a single working environment, providing the data you need transparently and quickly.

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Commercial Lending

An increase in disaster fraud, digital banking and heightened compliance means that banks must be prepared to lend fast and prevent fraud. As you rapidly process these applications, are you confident in the results of your investigation? Get information you can trust to make better decisions.

Online investigation software

CLEAR for commercial lending

Commercial lenders are facing a rapidly increasing volume of opportunities, a changing market, and constantly evolving underwriting standards—all within the context of increased documentation and compliance requirements.

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