Introducing Alert Center on CLEAR

Fine-tune your focus Go from manual search to automated alerts on your most critical investigations

Reduce rework with better collaboration, a holistic view of your entire alert list, and stronger alert customization

Easily stay informed of changes to critical accounts or your population with Alert Center, now available on CLEAR. Our enhanced alerting capabilities equip you and your team to manage batch and regular alerts efficiently.

Whether your focus is on high-risk subjects of interest in your investigations, being alerted on your program population, or preventing returned mail, Alert Center enables you to:

  • Immediately know of impactful changes within a comprehensive dashboard
  • Gain insights with a complete view of alerts and alert analytics
  • Better communicate alert details and findings during investigations using enhanced collaboration tools
  • Reduce manual efforts and potential for duplicate work through the new Review Status feature

CLEAR customers receive five free alerts as part of their subscription. There is no better time than now to see the full potential of Alert Center. 

Investigate with efficiency

Alert dashboard

Receive a holistic view of your entire alert population and alert lists to gain insights into impactful changes.

Customizable alerts

Fine-tune your focus by choosing which alerts and alert types you would like to set on each investigation subject.

Alert management

Review, edit, and collaborate effectively with your team on alert details and findings within the same interface.

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There is no better time to see the full potential of Alert Center.

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