CoCounsel Core — the perfect complement to Westlaw Precision Access an unparalleled, industry-leading suite of legal generative AI tools when you pair AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision with CoCounsel Core

CoCounsel Core and Westlaw Precision: Better together

Deliver a stronger work product — faster than you ever thought possible — by pairing CoCounsel’s innovative generative AI (GenAI) with Westlaw Precision’s trusted content

Search and review documents

Ask a question about your documents — including transcripts and contracts — and CoCounsel Core provides an answer with citations.

Prepare for depositions

Get a thorough deposition outline in no time with CoCounsel Core, complete with relevant topics and draft questions.

Summarize complex documents

Condense critical information from any document with CoCounsel Core, including complicated agreements and contracts.

Draft correspondence

CoCounsel Core streamlines communications and saves valuable time by rapidly creating customized letters and emails.

Quickly assess contract risk

CoCounsel Core captures every clause in a contract set that doesn’t comply with policies, reports the risks, and recommends revisions.

Jump-start your legal research

With AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision, simply ask a legal question in everyday language and get a relevant answer in moments.

CoCounsel helps to improve the quality of our representation. It finds things in 2,000 police reports and transcripts that humans miss. And it doesn't just read, it interprets — that's the game-changer.

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