Document Intelligence for corporate legal departments

The next generation of contract review

Accelerate document review

Search and extract key clauses in seconds to identify deviations from preferred positions

Reduce time to value

Utilize artificial intelligence models trained by Practical Law Attorney Editors that work from day one with no user training required

Advise with confidence

Search across an entire portfolio of documents in a few clicks to surface key clauses and obligations

Add strategic value

Contribute to growth by uncovering potential cost-saving opportunities within contract assets

Improve contract visibility and deliver proactive guidance

Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence provides visibility into the critical information, revenue opportunities, and obligations living in your contracts. Leverage pre-trained AI to read, organize, and extract hundreds of critical clauses, terms, and data points quickly and accurately.


Proactively advise your business partners with confidence, reveal risks sooner, and ensure compliance by taking the next step in document review.

“Using Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence, we've saved hundreds of hours that would be necessary for manual review. It was incredibly helpful and, frankly, turned an otherwise impossible task into something that was quite manageable.”

M&A General Counsel

Drive efficiency & increase productivity through accelerated document review

Use AI to identify critical information across your contract portfolio in seconds. Empower your problem solvers to focus on legal work, not paperwork.

Our AI models work for your business on day one. They’re expertly trained by Practical Law attorney editors, domain-specific, and continuously maintained by Thomson Reuters, with no upkeep required from you.

Reduce outsourcing costs and valuable time previously spent on tedious administrative tasks. Work smarter, faster, and more efficiently through AI-assisted document review.

HighQ Integration

Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence capabilities can also be integrated with HighQ so you can access the information you need in the system with which you are familiar.

HighQ AI Hub provides a single integration point and easy-to-use interface that automates and simplifies processes. Using HighQ iSheets and automation, you can quickly create data visualizations, workflows, risk evaluations, and more.

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See how to empower your team with the next generation of contract review process using AI-powered document intelligence and contract analytics.

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