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Secure file sharing

HighQ Lite

Send and share information and files more securely and efficiently from anywhere, keeping them in sync on every device.*

Secure file sharing designed for law firms

Say goodbye to the back-and-forth emails and manual document version control. With HighQ Lite you can file and send your documents from one, secure, privately hosted location all under your control.

Apply digital rights management, automatic link expiration and file deletion, and email verification for your chosen recipients. Access full audit trails and see everyone who has opened or downloaded the document. Gain unparalleled control and visibility into your documents unlike any other file sharing solution.

Take full control of your documents


Start sharing files instantly

Set up a site in minutes to exchange files and other sensitive information with colleagues, clients and partners outside of your network. You can upload files in seconds and share them instantly.

Perform easy audits

Audit every file and action using criteria such as date, user, organization, folder, file or activity.

Version history and activity

It’s easy to read a particular version, review the full version history and view the access record of a file. You can even see which users or organizations are most active and when they’ve logged in.

Create a simple experience

Administrators can configure sites, add files, create folders, manage the structure, add user groups, and set permissions in minutes.

Access and collaborate on files anytime, anywhere

Whether you use an iPad, iPhone or Android device (or all of the above), the HighQ Drive app ensures that you can easily and securely access, create, synchronize and share documents and information wherever your daily journey takes you.

The HighQ Drive app works in concert with your HighQ solutions, enabling you to save files for offline access, share secure file links and browse files across all team sites you have access to. You also can see a list of the files and folders you have recently viewed, added or updated in the app or via the web, which helps you quickly switch devices without missing a step.


Data security for your most valuable information

Your data and reputation, and the trust of your clients, is our top priority. That’s why HighQ is engineered and coded to be highly secure from end-to-end. From our physical data centers to our security coded interface; cutting-edge, proprietary defensive measures are taken every step of the way

  •  24-7 system monitoring by our dedicated, expert security operations team
  • Banking-grade encryption
  •  Resilient design including data, software, and hardware redundancies
  • Multi-layer defense in depth strategy
  • Regular internal and external CREST-accredited independent penetration tests
  • Multiple security certifications in every data jurisdiction

Case study

How HighQ makes McCarthy Tétrault’s service delivery an advantage

Kathleen Hogan, Director of Education and Knowledge Integration, explains how HighQ’s file sharing tools save time by helping both firm and client manage the documents and track where the latest versions are.

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