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Tap into the combined power of Westlaw Edge and Practical Law

It takes answers and insights across the spectrum to address the challenges faced by your legal organization. Together, Westlaw Edge and Practical Law provide the guidance, resources and productivity tools that enable you to consistently and efficiently deliver your best work.

See how it works

Example scenario: a small firm that does business law and litigation is being asked to defend their first race discrimination claim. Suit is filed under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. No one at the firm has ever defended a Title VII claim.

Start with a simple search for “what is title vii” in Westlaw Edge to get the basics. Leverage Practical Law to narrow your results. The third resource listed in the Practical Law search results is spot on.

Plus, get the resources you need to defend the claim. The Practical Law editors provide links to related content, such as checklists.

Start assessing the facts of this case by looking at what elements the plaintiff has to prove. The first query is “What are the elements of race discrimination under Title VII?”

Clicking the suggest query takes you immediately to the most relevant responsive text.

The case has been assigned to a judge you know nothing about. Get data-driven insights to determine how often the judge handles these cases and how he might rule. With Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge, instantly pull up basic biographic information on the judge, as well as a preview of analytics around motion rulings, outcomes, and more.

Switch from Overview to Outcomes to go deeper into outcome analytics. Use “Search within results” to narrow the results to cases where “title vii” appears.

Still in Litigation Analytics, select Motions and narrow in on just motions to dismiss for cases where "title vii" appears. Go further by linking into related documents.

With an entire topic in Practical Law for Motions, easily find exactly what you need to draft and file a motion to dismiss, including a standard document and practice notes.

There’s even a checklist on-point to make sure our motion complies with the court’s formatting and filing requirements.  

A powerful combination:

Westlaw Edge and Practical Law

Start faster

Find accurate answers and valuable insights faster with AI tools on Westlaw Edge. Get a jumpstart with Toolkits on Practical Law to find relevant documents across legal topics.

Understand the issue

Build the strongest case strategy with relevant data-driven insights on Westlaw Edge. Quickly get familiar with a new topic or matter using Practice Notes on Practical Law.

Proceed confidently

Analyze a brief with Westlaw Edge Quick Check to ensure you cite the most relevant authority. Save time drafting documents using up-to-date Standard Documents and Clauses on Practical Law.

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