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We provide all the insights, templates and how-to guides every busy General Counsel needs, including our industry-leading Practical Law tool.

All the insights every General Counsel needs

If you’re a General Counsel, colleagues put you on the spot every day of the week, on a wide range of subjects. That’s why Thomson Reuters brings you all the legal insights and how-to guidance you need to be the GC your business needs.

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What hit your desk this morning? Maybe a data breach, or an urgent training need, or a potential M&A transaction - the possibilities are endless. See how these GCs handle five common corporate issues with Practical Law.

Industry-leading insights on every essential topic.

Our 600+ attorney-editors worldwide aren’t simply here to create the Practice Notes, Checklists, Toolkits, Model Documents and other how-to resources that make Practical Law such an essential tool for General Counsels. They also create a wide range of curated insights like these:

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Practical Law is designed to get you up to speed quickly on even unfamiliar matters, helping you to manage work more effectively and efficiently. Use the Practical Law calculator to see how much time and money you could start saving today.

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The material is written in plain English; it’s thorough and authoritative, but not ‘legalese.’ At the end of the day, our management needs clear guidance on best practice and risks; and Practical Law has totally overhauled my ability to deliver that.
If I was to put all the questions that I have to outside counsel, it makes the cost for Practical Law, entirely nominal.
I can sit down with Practical Law and quickly answer my questions or even put a document together very rapidly. So it's the ability to be responsive [to my stakeholders] here on the ground . . . there's a real value in that to me.
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