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Practical Law Connect for general counsel

The legal solution designed for in-house counsel

Legal resources organized the way you work

Thomson Reuters Practical Law Connect integrates Westlaw legal resources with Practical Law know-how, best-in-class tools and support to help you and your team get to the right answer faster. Discover firsthand how Practical Law Connect works.

Watch a quick Practical Law Connect overview


Watch a quick Practical Law Connect overview

Expert attorney-editors

Our team of over 300 Practical Law attorney-editors create and maintain the Practice Notes, Checklists, Toolkits, Model Documents and other how-to resources that give you’re a better starting place for any task. They also leverage their extensive practice experience at leading law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies to select the right resource for the job.

The Practical Law Connect difference for in-house counsel

Only Practical Law Connect gives your team expert how-to guidance, curated resources, and time-saving tools – all in one place, organized around how you work.

Hand-picked resources

You’re not relying on a search with Practical Law Connect. Our attorney-editors curate millions of resources into over 2000 common in-house tasks to both give you the most relevant material first and let you take a deep dive into every relevant resource if you need to.

Practical Law

  • 3,000+ Practice Notes
  • 1,500+ Checklists
  • 3,000+ Standard Documents & Clauses
  • And more ...


  • 1 million cases, statutes & regulations
  • 500,000+ forms
  • 4,500+ secondary sources
  • And more ...

Other resources included:

  • Business Law Center
  • Company Investigator
  • Automated Documents
  • And more…

Example task:  Employment Agreement


featured Practical Law resources, including:

  • Practice Note: Negotiating and Drafting an Executive Employment Agreement
  • Offer Letter for a Commission Salesperson
  • Executive Employment Agreement (Long-Form)
  • and more ...


featured Westlaw forms, including:

  • Checklist for Employment Agreements and Offer letters (West's Legal Forms)
  • and more ...


featured secondary sources, including:

  • Essential Facts: Employment
  • Guide to Employee Handbooks
  • Human Resources Guide
  • and more ...

Analytical tools

Practical Law and Westlaw tools appear on tasks when they’re relevant, and not otherwise.


Practical Law Automated Documents provide the ideal starting point in the drafting process

  • Start with gold standard model document or department precedent
  • Save time by quickly drafting customized agreements and contracts
  • Avoid the risks and costs associated with manual drafting
  • Over 140 model documents available, and the list is growing

Practical Law What’s Market + Business Law Center on Westlaw

  • What’s Market – search and compare deal summaries for quick analysis of market and deal term trends
  • Business Law Center – research a database of deeply tagged filings and agreements
  • Together – thoroughly research a company or conduct in-depth analysis of market and deal term trends

Productivity tools

State Q&A

Compare key areas of law for a topic across multiple states.

Country Q&A

Compare answers to key questions about doing a variety of transactions across multiple jurisdictions.

What Are You Working On?

Tell us what you are working on and our attorney-editors will suggest specific resources to help.

Matter Maps

An overview of the phases of work and core tasks for legal matters, with links to relevant Practical Law resources

Global Guides and Cross-Border Topics

Resources from local experts around the world.

In-House Resource Centers

Organizing Practical Law resources for a particular topic or industry, from Corporate Secretary to Banking to Company Policies to Law Department Management.

Organized by in-house tasks


In-House Counsel Projects Menu

Designed for an in-house attorney’s workflow, including projects that cross traditional practice area boundaries.

Practice Area Task Menus

Allow users to browse to over 2,000 tasks, issues and topics across 13 practice areas. 

Onboarding and support

We make it easy to integrate Practical Law Connect into your team’s everyday practice.

Onboarding support

Experienced onboarding team focused exclusively on serving the needs of corporate legal departments

Personalized assistance

Individualized assistance with what’s on your desk right now

24/7 reference attorneys

Licensed peers, not just "legal professionals"

Return on investment

Realize the return on your investment quickly through tailored support

On-demand assistance includes:

  • One-on-one demonstrations
  • Group programs
  • Topic-specific training and webinars
  • Remote guidance
  • Professional development curriculum development
Calculate your savings with Practical Law

Are you ready to reduce your department’s time on unfamiliar matters and manage work more effectively? Use the Practical Law value calculator to create your very own custom savings report and see how Practical Law start saving you time and money today.

Practical Law Connect customer testimonials

Practical Law Connect has totally changed the way I work. Practical Law Connect is now my starting point for any legal issue, and it's usually the endpoint too.
Overall, I cannot express how satisfied I am with Practical Law Connect. It saves our department time, which is the most important thing for the operation of our business.
Practical Law Connect gives me confidence that I have the best most up-to-date case law and research to make decisions on my own.
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