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Introducing the Practical Law Dynamic Tool Set

Now with the new Dynamic Tool Set, you can unlock even more of Practical Law’s expertise with state-of-the art tools to help you gain deeper insights and utilize data & information through charts and visualizations


Features of the Practical Law Dynamic Tool Set

Knowledge Map

A dynamic way to explore topics and resources allowing you to visually navigate through Practical Law’s collection. Get the complete picture of your matter and identify issues you may have missed so you can complete your research faster.

Quick Compare

Identify local laws faster using Quick Compare. With just a few clicks, create custom charts that answer key questions across states, so you can explore the topics and data points that matters most to you.

What’s Market Analytics

Instantly create data-driven insights and visualizations with What’s Market Analytics so that you can analyze and share market trends and deal terms in a fraction of the time.

Dynamic Search

Harnessing the power of technology and Practical Law’s attorney-editor expertise, to receive answers based on your question, with links to relevant Practical Law content.

Interactive Matter Maps

Matter Maps give you an overview of the core phases and tasks in a legal matter with links to key resources at each phase. Now they’re also interactive, allowing you to customize the map to your needs.

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