Practical Law for Health Care Companies

A sampling of Practical Law resources for in-house counsel at hospitals, health systems, and other providers

Health Care is a demanding world: we know your time is scarcer than ever and it’s a challenge just to keep up. Every matter coming from the business means spending time to understand the issues and the law — time that you can’t spend proactively driving business priorities.

What if you had a tool to save time understanding new matters? What if you had the expertise of 280 full-time expert attorneys giving you just the details you need to tackle that next task on your desk? What if that included robust tools for managing the most important fraud, abuse, and compliance concerns for your organization?

That’s Practical Law. And Practical Law now includes a Health Care practice area, alongside fifteen others common areas of practice.

Download this free resource booklet and get samples of five new resources:

  • Practice Note: Health Care Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Standard Document: Hospital Financial Assistance Policy
  • Checklist: CMS Reimbursement Auditors Chart
  • Practice Note: Managed Care Contracting: Overview
  • Standard Document: Health Care Contract Review and Approval Policy

Plus more details on Practical Law and how it can help your business.

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