Thomson Reuters solutions for SNAP & TANF

Don't let pervasive fraud schemes hide within your program data

Rely on us to help you prevent fraud, waste, and abuse in your program

Thomson Reuters Fraud Detect offers a comprehensive fraud, waste, and abuse solution that seamlessly combines agency data with Thomson Reuters CLEAR public records data to deliver valuable information with program analytics – providing your agency the tools that help you ensure life-sustaining resources are provided to members of your community who need it most.

Streamline and strengthen your benefits process with enhanced fraud analytics and case management

Identify Program Vulnerabilities

Using Fraud Detect, streamline your program while removing risk with both identity verification and enrollment process. Improve standards of integrity in reporting fraudulent activities and patterns of program abuse with combined data matching against historical program data. Identify program vulnerabilities where fraud and abuse could occur.

Discover Patterns and Connections

Access both visual maps and traditional chart and table displays within Fraud Detect to easily reveal and flag any unusual transactions, travel patterns, or out-of-state usage. Leverage these detailed visualizations to help you to investigate, discover, and document fraud, waste, and abuse trends.

Cutting Edge Analytics Data

Review your program data, household details, retailer information, real-time incarceration data, and integrated CLEAR public records all within Fraud Detect for a comprehensive profile of each program participant.

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