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Westlaw Edge brings together a legacy of quality and accurate legal research and the latest advancements in legal technology. First-of-its-kind tools like intelligent document analysis, the next generation of legal search, and integrated litigation analytics expedite legal research tasks that were once incredibly complex and time-consuming.

Westlaw has always been the standard for legal research. Westlaw Edge raises that standard with a new level of thoroughness and efficiency.


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Westlaw Edge saves at least a few minutes for each search that you’re doing, which certainly adds up. Even just saving 5-10 minutes per research assignment can add up to an hour a day.

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Westlaw Edge includes access to powerful tools designed to help you complete research tasks in less time without sacrificing accuracy.

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Westlaw Edge builds off the strong foundation that generations of attorneys have relied on for thorough and accurate research


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Enhancements such as the Key Number System, Headnotes, and Notes of Decisions make it easier to find, validate, and interpret the law


Access the most comprehensive collection of legal information, backed by a rigorous editorial process

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Westlaw Edge has improved the quality of my legal research.”

Source: TechValidate survey of 427 users of Westlaw Edge

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Westlaw/Westlaw Edge is the most preferred Legal Research Service

2020 ABA Legal Technology Survey

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