Leverage AI to automate CLEAR Adverse Media and Sanctions screening.

Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions and WorkFusion

Automated false-positive alert review technology

Thomson Reuters and WorkFusion have partnered to bring together premium adverse media & sanctions data with advanced AI technology that automates many of the time-consuming, error-prone tasks related to screening, reviewing, and disposition of false-positive alerts. 

By utilizing this joint offering, your team of analysts will be able to automate reviews, make more confident decisions, and increase operational capacity. 

Customer benefits

Automate false positive reviews

AI-augmented Tier I decision-making has proven to lead to a significant reduction in false-positive alerts requiring manual review using this solution.

Increase operational capacity

Our AI digital worker is immediately productive from day one, never gets sick, takes no PTO, and works 24/7. Gain efficiency and reduce manual, labor-intensive reviews.

Manage reputational risk

Intelligent document processing (IDP) helps to deliver relevant adverse media on subjects of interest that could pose a threat to company reputation.

Plug and play

No code configuration allows for smooth API integration with your core systems creating productivity within your workflow.

Reveal risky relationships

Automated adverse media and sanctions reviews helps to uncover hidden risk with current and prospective customers, vendors, and third parties.

Appeal to regulators

FinCEN, FDIC, NCUA, and other regulators are urging FIs to innovate with AI technology for financial crime compliance. Our solution can help put you ahead of the pack.

Increase team productivity

  • 400%
    increase in screened entities without added headcount
  • 80%+
    reduction in false positives needing manual review
  • 3-5x ROI
    3-6 month break-even point experienced by customers

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