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Mitigate your supply chain risk with effective vendor due diligence

Managing supply chain risk starts with knowing who your vendors are. If you aren’t continually conducting thorough due diligence across your vendor network, you’re leaving your organization at risk.

Assessing the risk of working with vendors or third-party suppliers

A company is only as strong as its weakest vendor. Vendors, though potentially risky, are also vital to your success. That is why vendor management teams all over the globe are investing in proactive technology that conducts effective due diligence at onboarding and throughout the life cycle of the relationship.

Eliminate Know Your Vendor (KYV) Surprises with CLEAR

CLEAR Adverse Media search results showing relevancy rating

Surprises can be fun unless it comes in the form of surprise criminal activity by one of your vendors. To avoid that kind of unpleasant, and potentially devastating turn of events, companies have made screening and monitoring for negative news or adverse media table stakes. How thoroughly they screen and how often they monitor, however, varies widely and those differences can add up.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR offers a suite of products that allow you to identify, evaluate, investigate, and monitor risk. Input your risk parameters into our single working environment and get back only the information that matters to you, nothing else.

Savvy vendor and supply chain management teams are using robust-all-in-one adverse media screening tools that do all the work for them. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology removes duplicate articles and provides a relevancy score showing the most pertinent information first.

CLEAR simplifies your vendor due diligence efforts

CLEAR Adverse Media shared dashboard allows teams to collaborate on investigations

Upload vendor lists for continual monitoring and receive alerts of any new negative news so you can immediately assess the potential negative affiliations. Specific lists can be assigned to users and teams enabling them to work together to quickly conduct adverse media screening and reduce exposure to potential corruption and fraud.

See CLEAR in action

CLEAR Adverse Media offers a one-stop platform to investigate web and news media about a specific subject or organization while providing a relevancy rating so your organization can be aware of potential risk as it develops.

CLEAR Adverse Media

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