Combatting human rights crimes

Trusted resources to prevent, detect, and investigate suspected criminal activities related to human rights violations

Help combat human trafficking by scrutinizing business connections, monitoring transactions, and prioritizing supply chain integrity

Human trafficking is an illicit enterprise that undermines the rule of law and enslaves millions of people worldwide, including children. Through exploitation, traffickers profit at the expense of their victims by forcing them to perform labor or engage in commercial sex. Thomson Reuters is dedicated to offering solutions that utilize our exclusive data, technology, and subject-matter expertise to support organizations and agencies in their efforts to combat human trafficking, enforce AML regulations, aid in prosecutions, and assist victims. By working together, we can help fight against and prevent these heinous crimes.

Human rights crimes and trafficking by the numbers

  • 2nd
    most profitable crime behind drug trafficking*
  • 50 million
    people are living in modern slavery today; one in 10 are children**
  • $105 billion
    in estimated illicit profits annually***

How your organization can play a role in human rights crime prevention

Protect vulnerable populations

Locate hard-to-find information and quickly identify concerns or connections to address potential crimes.

Safeguard your supply chain

Uncover forced labor or other illicit activities in global supply chains.

Know your partners

Identify potential risks with vendors, clients, and business partners.

Solutions to help you tackle these important issues

Stay compliant and mitigate risk

  • Understand ownership and uncover potential shell companies
  • Screen customers and suppliers against global lists for restricted persons, sanctions, embargoed countries, and companies
  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence and risk assessments in less time

Enhance investigations

  • Strengthen anti-money laundering efforts
  • Dive deeper into investigations to see the full picture of suspected bad actors or entities   
  • Leverage trusted data with transparent sources to help identify crimes of exploitation and combat human trafficking

Public-private partnerships in action

Organizations, government agencies, and law enforcement play a crucial role in tackling these terrible global crimes. Thomson Reuters is committed to working with partners to expand the ecosystem of information, technology, and subject-matter expertise to empower data for good and inform the way forward.

Human trafficking toolkits in partnership with the City of Houston

Blue Campaign in partnership with the Department of Homeland Security

Be Safe Campaign in partnership with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

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How Thomson Reuters services and products are used to help combat human trafficking

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