Document Intelligence

Contract analytics and document understanding platform for renewable energy

Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence for renewable energy automatically identifies your purchase options, production guarantees, and points you to hidden obligations and risks in your agreements.

Accelerated document review with contextual search capabilities for renewables energy

Search across hundreds or thousands of documents in minutes. Go beyond keyword search and tap into truly accurate results based on the context and intent of the text itself. With answers delivered almost instantly, customers have accelerated information retrieval and review by more than 50%. Mitigate risk, draft with confidence, and act quickly on business imperatives.

Why leading energy companies choose Document Intelligence

Substantially reduce risk

Unprecedented insights across the value chain allow you to pinpoint, respond, and reduce risk across the business. Instantly identify hundreds of key clauses in contract drafts, quickly reference your playbook, and leverage executed contracts to inform future agreements. Empower your users and ensure compliance without becoming the bottleneck for negotiations by accelerating review with an AI-generated table of extract contents.

Unprecedented transparency

Inform decisions to pursue development projects with a 360° view of interdependencies across your business. Get a clear picture of the information in critical documents so you can proactively take appropriate action. Tell stories with data visualizations and easily understand complex, unstructured data sets.

Powered by Practical Law

Document Intelligence is built upon the expertise of Thomson Reuters Practical Law editors, leveraging their vast knowledge and experience to train and maintain models to recognize facts of importance. The models work immediately due to the thousands of training hours and continuous improvements made by these attorneys. Let our experts train the AI, saving your team time and resources.

Choose Document Intelligence to cut through the noise, make informed decisions, and close more deals

Compliance management is your priority, but it is challenging to quickly identify all the obligations and risks in your agreements. Document Intelligence can process thousands of documents in a day and understand every obligation, opportunity, limitation, and risk with hundreds of provisions and data elements made visible in an instant.

Developers, asset owner-operators, and investors make more informed decisions with continuous visibility into their leases, contracts, and agreements

  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Interconnection Agreements
  • Operations & Maintenance Contracts
  • Site Leases and Lease or Purchase Option Agreements
  • Commercial Contracts


Asset Management and Operations & Maintenance

You manage multiple assets. Whether they are utility-scale, distributed generation, onshore or offshore facilities, you are swimming in documents. From site evaluation to development planning, and beyond – you will know your risks, obligations, and opportunities for additional value along the way. Avoid mistakes like missed production guarantees resulting in liquidated damages, and respond to fluctuating market conditions with ease.

Identify key provisions in wind & solar agreements without tedious manual review:

  • Curtailment Rights
  • Operations and Maintenance Requirements
  • Consent Requirements
  • System Relocation
  • Credit Support
  • Forecasting Requirements
  • Take-and-Pay Clauses
  • Conditional Termination
  • 450+ Others (out-of-the-box)


Due diligence without a doubt

Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence

Whether you’re buying or selling assets, you’ll want Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence at your side during the due diligence process, to speed up the analysis of key provisions in your agreements and support your valuation by comparing precedents.

Today, leading energy companies leverage powerful data from Document Intelligence in various settings, scenarios, and workflows to generate increased productivity, cost savings, and better, faster decisions. 

  • M&A Transactions
  • Reporting & Compliance
  • Downtime Response and Legal Fire Drills
  • Regulatory Planning & Response
  • Power Marketing Planning & Analysis
  • Asset Management & Optimization
  • Supply Chain & Construction Disruptions
  • Digital Transformation & Enhanced Team Efficiency

Free demo of Document Intelligence

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