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Drafting Assistant

Start drafting legal documents faster and gain greater accuracy and efficiency

Streamline legal drafting and mitigate risk

Drafting documents is an inevitable task for any attorney. It should be a natural extension to your thought process, but administrative delays, typos and correcting errors are disruptive and not to mention costly. Drafting Assistant for transaction and litigation documents helps avoid risk and produce your most accurate work product while saving hours in the drafting process.

All the tools you need to draft better documents from your word processor

Turn your word processor into an efficient drafting workspace, enabling you to create quality work product with precision and ease.

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See how Drafting Assistant can help

Locate Authority

Mark text where you need supporting authority. Then, with just a click, let Westlaw run a search and find the best case to support your arguments.

Westlaw Edge Quick Check

Analyze your document and reveal cases you didn’t cite that may provide more support for your arguments

Flags & Links

Reply on the best authority and update the good-law status of your citations.

Document and Cite Formatting

Ensure your document and citations comply with court rules and style manuals.

Authority Compiler

Use Authority Compiler to attach full text of authorities cited to your document.

Table of Authorities Builder

Table of Authorities Builder easily and quickly create a fully customizable TOA

Locate Precedent

Ensure that your documents meet market standards Locate Precedent benchmarks language clause-by-clause against similar EDGAR-derived documents in a single search to ensure your documents consistently meet market standard.

Deal Proof

Analyze documents for accuracy Thoroughly proofread transactional documents, analyze their content, and correct any potential problems such as discrepancies in numeration and defined terms, nonconforming phrases, and unpaired punctuation.

Practical Law

Access Practical Law® content to leverage insights and how-to guidance when creating your drafts. Practice Notes, Toolkits, and Checklists are maintained by an expert team to reflect the latest law and market practice, so you can deliver work product with the best form and substance.

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