Season One

Thomson Reuters talks financial crime

Offering a 360 degree view on the latest in financial crime

News happens fast. Let Thomson Reuters summarize the biggest stories in financial crime for you.

The 24-hour news cycle feels impossible to keep up with. That’s why we trust our vast network of thought-leaders to report back to us on the latest in financial crime. Each story will be covered with three episodes. Each episode will cover a different angle, giving you a 360 view of the story.

Series One

FinCEN Leaks Decoded

In September 2020, more than 2,500 documents from banks sent to the US authorities to report suspicious behavior were leaked to Buzzfeed News and shared with a group that brings together worldwide investigative journalists. FinCEN said the leak could impact US national security, compromise investigations, and threaten the safety of institutions and individuals who file the reports.

In our first series, consummate moderator, Gina Jurva, interviews three industry-experts to get their take on the FinCen Leaks.


Episode 01: A global perspective with Nathan Lynch

The FinCEN leaks have had a global impact. Nathan Lynch provides his perspective from his position in the APAC.


Episode 02: A North American Perspective with Brett Wolf

Brett Wolf zooms in on the implications of the FinCEN leaks in the US.


Episode 03: A conversation with Former US Drug Enforcement

Round out the conversation about the FinCEN leaks with a law enforcement perspective from Michael Messier.

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