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News happens fast. Let Thomson Reuters summarize the biggest stories in financial crime for you.

The 24-hour news cycle feels impossible to keep up with. That’s why we trust our vast network of thought-leaders to report back to us on the latest in financial crime. Each story will be covered with three episodes. Each episode will cover a different angle, giving you a 360 view of the story.


Series Four

Adverse Media Screening

In Series 04, Gina Jurva takes on the topic of negative news, or adverse media. How are financial institutions managing all of the data, how often should screening be done, what are the best practices? How reliable is open-source information? These are some of the questions that come up during the three interviews in this series. Hear from experts how to fish these waters with a spear instead of a wide net.

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Episode 1: Gabe Hidalgo and Gina Jurva discuss what negative news screening means for financial institutions, and how banks can tailor their approach.

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Episode 2: Should negative news or adverse media be checked daily? What are the industry best practices? Gina Jurva and Will Voorhees discuss these questions, and more.

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Episode 3: Open-source research for negative news doesn’t cut it. Gina Jurva and Amanda DuPont discuss how financial institutions can stop banking dirty money, easier and faster.

Series Three

US AML Reform

U.S. Congress enacted a long awaited strengthening of AML laws on January 1st, 2021. This overhaul is considered the biggest change to US AML laws since the 2001 Patriot Act that followed the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

In our third series, Gina Jurva brings three voices to the conversation about what this reform means for key stakeholders.

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Episode 1: Hear about the upcoming AML reform from the perspective of a financial crimes correspondent.

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Episode 2: Listen to experts in financial crime discuss the significance of the beneficial ownership changes to the AML reform law.

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Episode 3: A look at the US AML reform from the Law enforcement perspective.

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