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How well do you know your vendors? 20 minutes could save your taxpayers millions

Fraudsters are out there and looking for ways to get in your agency and commit government fraud. Not only is your agency reputation on the line, but so is millions of dollars.

With government fraud dollars estimated at tens of billions a year, having a fraud prevention solution in place is no longer an option.

What if you could see the risk of potential fraud to your agency in just minutes? With Thomson Reuters CLEAR® Risk Inform™, performing a risk analysis on your vendor is simple. CLEAR Risk Inform allows you to automate and configure your risk analysis to meet the unique requirements of your agency, while giving you a complete view of a subject or business in just minutes.

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Want to see the power of CLEAR Risk Inform for yourself? Schedule a 20-minute demo with us and see how you can protect your agency from the overwhelming amount of fraud trying to enter your agency.

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