Introducing a distraction-free drafting process with Practical Law Clause Finder

Access gold-standard clauses and get trusted language for your agreements without ever leaving the page

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Streamline your drafting process

When drafting a contract, finding specific clause phrasing that meets your exclusive needs can be tedious, inefficient, and time consuming. But with Practical Law Clause Finder, you can now do the crucial work quickly and easily. This tool delivers distraction-free drafting — putting market-standard clauses, credible content, and time savings within easy reach because it fully integrates with Microsoft Word.

Find trusted language from Practical Law's collection of up-to-date clauses, with links to drafting notes that offer extra insight and negotiation guidance. In addition, browse clause verbiage drawn from agreements filed with the SEC and even see information from your own internal documents.

Practical Law editors have trained this powerful AI to surface relevant language from resources you trust so you can quickly find the exact clause to meet your unique drafting needs — without having to leave Word.

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