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Practical Law now has generative AI 

Discover a new era of work with Ask Practical Law AI, a generative AI experience grounded in Practical Law’s best-in-class legal know-how and content. Move from question to work product with confidence and speed, rising to meet the demands of efficiency and productivity.

Drastically improve the way you access the deep insights of Practical Law 

Rely on Practical Law’s expertly written resources to help get up to speed and practice efficiently. With its new generative AI experience, you can quickly get answers to your questions from the trusted sources Practical Law is known for, such as how-to guides, templates, checklists, and more, expertly created and maintained by over 650 attorney-editors.

Generate progress by reducing your research time 

Use the power of generative AI large-language models to eliminate the time you spend sifting through, reading, and summarizing search results. Simply ask a legal question in everyday language, and Ask Practical Law AI will deliver a synthesized answer grounded in trusted Practical Law content with links to supporting materials.  

Deepen your understanding of complex legal issues 

Ask Practical Law AI retains the context of your initial question, so you can ask relevant follow-up questions and go more in-depth into your research.

Generate confidence and increase value with generative AI  

What happens when you combine Ask Practical Law AI with Westlaw Precision’s AI-Assisted Research and CoCounsel Core? You get the legal industry’s most robust suite of generative AI tools. Transform your work product and accomplish more with generative AI tools backed by the knowledge and expertise of more than 650 attorney-editors and informed by more than 4,000 hours of rigorous learning and testing.


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