Quickly verify identities when onboarding clients, vendors, and third parties Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions provide access to tools for your corporation that quickly verify identities to help keep financial systems running smoothly, curtail fraudulent transactions, and shield organizational reputation

Spot suspicious identities at every level of your corporation’s identity verification workflow

With the perpetual increase of risk and fraud, it is paramount for corporations to ensure that they are using the latest technologies to verify legitimate identities and uncover synthetic and fraudulent ones. Implementing an identity verification, know-your-customer (KYC), or customer due diligence (CDD) program has proven to reduce risk and fraud at the onset for corporations.

Efficiently verify identities with public records data

Confirm whether an identity of a person or business exists after inputting the information you know. Our proprietary technology will compare the data points entered against credit header, phone, vehicle sources, and more to validate which information provided matches an identity.

Highlighted key risk factors help reveal suspicious identities, such as death flags, multiple SSNs, and inclusions on the OFAC list.

Authenticate identity documents

Verify the front and back of document IDs — such as passports and driver’s licenses — with technology capable of scanning thousands of document types in regional languages from over 190 countries. This tech performs more than 110 forgery tests as part of the authentication.

Looking for a second line of defense? Check documents and data against a repository of publicly exposed documents. Machine learning examines anomalies, such as variable combinations of ID images and content elements, to help reveal synthetic identities, deep fakes, and fraud.

Prevent digital identity fraud and account takeover

Leverage device intelligence, behavioral metrics, and bot and malware detection to protect your business during new account openings and to safeguard your existing customers.

This technology prevents customer friction by silently authenticating users at every interaction without the need for friction-inducing verification methods.

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