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Law departments in new and growing businesses

How in-house counsel of small law departments can manage a demanding workload – and still be that trusted advisor

Free up your time to be that trusted advisor

Do your best work and serve as that trusted advisor to the business with the right resources and tools.

Resources to help

Articles, infographics, videos, and solutions to help in-house counsel in small to medium sized businesses

White paper

Managing a never-ending, ever-changing workload

In this white paper, you’ll learn how 5 general counsel smartly balance legal and business demands for their growing businesses.


Managing contracts during supply chain disruption


For attorneys in small law departments, managing contracts under normal conditions is challenging enough. But how do you successfully manage these contracts during business disruption? Watch this animation to learn more


Addressing Corporate Counsel Pain Points During Supply Chain Disruption: Adapting Contracts to Today's Climate


Learn about the latest changes to commercial transactions. With Practical Law senior attorney editors Laszlo Serester and Paula Shakelton

Practical Law for in-house counsel


The power behind Practical Law


You can get-up-to-speed quickly, even on matters new to you with Practical Law. As one of more than 200 fulltime attorney editors behind Practical Law, learn what . . .

Legal Know-how

Resources designed for in-house counsel

Practical Law resources for settlement agreements screenshot

From handling transactional work like amending contracts, to quickly getting up to speed on matters new to you, with tools like Checklists, Model Documents, and Practice Notes to guide you, Practical Law allows you to consistently do your best work. Created by lawyers for lawyers.

How can Practical Law help your department?

Check out Practical Law Connect from Thomson Reuters, the legal know-how solution built by and for in-house counsel.