The experts guide to KYC automation

Mitigate onboarding risk and provide a seamless customer experience – with advanced, AI-powered processes.

Large financial firms spend a reported $150 million on KYC-related procedures, while their average number of KYC compliance professionals has skyrocketed to 307. The rapid rise of online banking and payment services has added a further layer of complexity to KYC tasks, making confirming identities and combating money laundering more challenging than ever.

Automated KYC processes are meeting this challenge. Drawing together billions of data points and AI-powered analytics, these solutions allow risk management and compliance teams to identify and connect critical facts and achieve process efficiencies.

Download our new e-book, the Experts Guide to KYC Automation, and learn how these solutions can help you:

  • Slash the average costs of manual KYC processes
  • Increase operational efficiency and grow your client base
  • Simplify audits through process automation

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