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Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions for unemployment insurance

With the staggering number of new claims and the pandemic’s long-term impact on the economy, unemployment agencies need quick and easy-to-implement solutions that can help provide financial relief to citizens in need – without falling victim to fraudulent claims. 

Get accurate payments to your community quickly and prevent fraudulent claims

Ensure your agency has the right resources to stop fraud and overpayments, while prioritizing your backlog of claims so you can quickly get payments to legitimate claimants and investigate high-risk claims further. Keep your community moving forward with Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions.


Immediately identify potential fraudulent claimants

With CLEAR ID Confirm, teams can identify deceased or synthetic identities, as well as fictitious employers and businesses. Identify any risk associated with the subject you are investigating, such as deaths, redundant SSNs, OFAC listings, and businesses tied to the same FEIN.

Verify identity information received with CLEAR ID Confirm

Process large volumes of claimants with a customizable workflow to ensure a consistent process. Access the top credit agencies in the U.S., daily updated phone files, corporate filing data, FEIN data, and much more. Prioritize results for additional review and keep your organization up to date.


Detect sophisticated fraud with an integrated solution

Implement Fraud Detect for a comprehensive fraud detection solution to evaluate and identify sophisticated fraud structures. Improve your team’s productivity with a tool that identifies larger trends, patterns, and clusters of suspicious activity over time that lead to fraud. Fraud Detect combines agency data with CLEAR ID Confirm data to deliver investigation-ready fraud leads. 

Maximize your ROI through risk scores, alerts, powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, supported by a special investigations unit to help you with complex, collusive fraud schemes.

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