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With Westlaw Edge, it’s easy to retrieve the most current version of court dockets directly from the court. Search by a docket's court number, parties, attorneys, or other criteria to access complete case information. You can also easily access motion and outcome data related to the docket.

With Dockets on Westlaw Edge, you can:

Manage your case load

Instantly access case docket information for federal and state courts in your jurisdiction, monitor the status of cases, and obtain court filings.

Research strategy

Evaluate expert witnesses, opposing counsel and their prior trial strategies, compelling legal arguments, and a judge’s prior experience on a matter.

Grow your client base

Receive automatic alerts of new cases being filed that fit your practice and jurisdiction to give you a better chance at representing a party.

Understand past events

Find key litigation events that exist within a docket by easily viewing motion and outcome data from Litigation Analytics.

View the dockets coverage map

Dockets on Westlaw Edge are available for all U.S. district courts and for many state courts. For a complete list of jurisdictions, access the coverage map.

Litigation Analytics

Discover even more data-driven insights with Litigation Analytics on Westlaw Edge. Craft advanced strategies and better manage client expectations with analytics on judges, courts, attorneys, law firms, and case types.

We like to communicate with our clients as often and as accurately as possible. One of the things that Westlaw Edge helps us do is to manage those client expectations and increase that communication.

The most intelligent legal research service ever

Westlaw Edge combines advanced artificial intelligence with 100 years of editorial enhancements to help you find answers faster and build stronger legal arguments. Plus, you can feel more confident that your research is complete with access to the most comprehensive collection of legal information.

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