What you need to know about synthetic identity fraud

Synthetic identity fraud has cost U.S. lenders nearly $6 billion—and that’s just a start. Download this resource to learn how to protect yourself.

One of the fastest-growing financial crimes, synthetic identity fraud has cost U.S. lenders nearly $6 billion. And these costs are only expected to climb. Combining valid and fictional information, this form of fraud can be difficult to discover. Fortunately, new tactics and technologies are helping flag bad actors.

In this e-book, you’ll:

  • Discover distinct types of identity fraud, including account takeovers and synthetic identity fraud, and how each commonly appears.
  • Learn about the practices that fraudsters use in creating synthetic identities and how you can spot them.
  • Find advice on testing subject identities, strengthening know-your-customer processes, and bolstering your compliance team.
  • Understand how advanced technologies can bring efficiencies to customer and business identity verification.

Download this resource to learn more about how you can better detect and protect yourself against synthetic identity fraud.

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