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Virtual Event


June 1-3, 2021
The premier user conference for legal professionals in the U.S.

Why attend SYNERGY 2021?

From the executive office to the finance department to the courtroom, the issues and opportunities that face the legal industry are vast. At SYNERGY, you’ll be part of a diverse and engaging exploration of what it takes to be successful in the legal industry, and how all of us are shaping tomorrow, together.

Who is this for?

C-suite and executives

Legal executives will benefit from enlightening sessions addressing the strategic issues facing law firms and legal departments today, and get a view into the future of the legal market. Here are just some of the topics you’ll find at SYNERGY 2021:

  • Practical changes brought about by the pandemic and how they affect clients and staff
  • Shifts in demand and other market factors that impact a law firm’s finances and investments
  • Industry trends and perspectives on topics like technology adoption, standards of practice, and employee performance and retention

Sample sessions:

  • How can technology foster diversity, break bias, and support inclusion?
  • What is the relationship between law firm culture and attorney development and retention?
  • Does increasing productivity have to come at the cost of lawyer well-being?
  • How can succession planning help you avoid losing valuable clients?
  • Point solution vs. platform: how do you get a higher ROI from your legal tech investment?
  • How can you compete using an interwoven strategy of clients, culture, and legal tech?
  • How can you lead your firm to implement a profitability-centric culture?

Directors and management

SYNERGY offers a range of content that reflects the variety of opportunities and challenges facing those who are often tasked with leading others while optimizing their own performance. This includes:

  • Understanding, tracking, and improving law firm KPIs
  • Fundamentals of law firm management
  • Balancing productivity and business needs with client demands and expectations
  • Product training sessions on Thomson Reuters solutions

Sample sessions:

  • Why are some firms better at tech adoption?
  • How can your firm increase billing efficiency?
  • How can you simplify your firm’s marketing performance?
  • How can you use analytics to improve litigation performance?
  • How can I use KPIs to measure success and identify issues?
  • What skills do lawyers need for the future?
  • How can smaller firms pack a bigger punch into their marketing?
  • Boost budget intelligence and quickly deliver critical data with 3E budgeting & forecasting
  • Robust reports and streamlined metrics in 3E
  • How can no-code technology give you an advantage ​in delivering legal services?​
  • How to amplify LPM with task templates, activity tracking, and more

Business professionals in the legal industry

In an era of frequent disruption and constant optimization, it matters not only what you do, but how you do it. For those in the trenches, SYNERGY offers hundreds of opportunities to refine and advance the practices that keep law firms running:

  • Productivity and performance considerations for law firm finance teams, IT departments, law librarians, knowledge managers, and more
  • Eye opening explorations of the Thomson Reuters solutions you use every day
  • Technology announcements and new feature reviews
  • Timely issues like navigating the ins and outs of remote workplaces and cloud computing

Sample sessions:

  • Time management with 3E
  • Making the most of eBillingHub
  • ProLaw: Streamline your financials with ProLaw data portal
  • ProLaw: Remote access – an end user and technical discussion
  • How can machine-learning improve the inefficient contract review process?
  • What makes document automation a must or a bust for work?


Have a question?

Contact SYNERGYsupport@thomsonreuters.com for answers to your questions at the conference