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Earn CLE credits and gain valuable skills

Earning CLE credits at SYNERGY

It is vital that you stay up to date with the law, the latest technology, and the best ways to manage your work. Continuing legal education (CLE) courses provide you with the knowledge, skill, and insights you need, while also giving you credit in your jurisdiction.

In partnership with the West LegalEdcenter, we are providing CLE-accredited sessions where you can gain valuable insights and skills you can immediately apply to your practice. Our program contains more than 30 courses covering a wide range of topics for you to gain credit, including:

  • How to navigate virtual courts
  • Tools for the transactional attorney
  • The fundamentals of cloud computing
  • Artificial intelligence and the impact of exponential technology on the legal industry
  • How succession planning can help you avoid losing valuable clients

Eligibility for CLE credits

These are the steps you must take to receive credit for a CLE course at SYNERGY 2021

Verify your attendance and engagement

You'll be *required* to acknowledge four pop-up alerts during each session. Acknowledgment of all four is required for certification.

Turn off any pop-up blockers

Ensure you receive the notifications by having any pop-up blockers disabled. You may need to work with your IT department to do this.

Complete verification form at conference to receive certificate

There is one form used to get credit for all CLE sessions.

As with any CLE course, please note that all credits are pending final approval by the individual regulatory authorities.