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Drafting Assistant for transactional documents

The end-to-end software solution for drafting transactional legal documents
  1. Overview

Draft legal documents with greater speed and accuracy

When it comes to drafting legal documents, avoiding errors is essential. Drafting Assistant for Transactional Documents helps prevent mistakes from the start with model documents and automated templates. Plus, you can easily analyze your documents to benchmark them against precedent. This comprehensive document review and analysis software helps you reduce errors and save time from start to finish.

Ensure your drafting is solid and error-free

You can use Drafting Assistant to quickly find errors and missing information, identify potential issues, or see the flaws in opponent's documents.

Start drafting faster

Save time for higher-value activities by starting your drafting with your firm's standard documents and clauses from Practical Law.

Work faster with integrated tools

Drafting Assistant integrates with the other tools you use daily, so there are no interruptions to find reference books, files, or other information.

Complete all drafting tasks with speed and efficiency

Accurate documents in less time

With Drafting Assistant’s core analyzer engine, Deal Proof, you'll see errors, inconsistencies, and missing information in your documents instantly.

Competitive analysis

Run the other side’s documents through the analyzer to expose and exploit their drafting flaws.

Standard documents & clauses

Access hundreds of Practical Law standard documents and clauses to get a head start on drafting and save hours every day.

Quick review

Quickly identify, assess, and address potential issues, such as defined-term and cross-reference discrepancies.

Westlaw links

Insert hyperlinks to cited authorities on Westlaw for easier review and navigation.

Build document

Use the Build Document feature to produce drafts in minutes from your own automated templates or Practical Law Automated Documents.

Take your transactional drafting
to a new level

Discover how you can draft legal documents faster and avoid errors with Drafting Assistant for Transactional Documents from Thomson Reuters