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Drafting Assistant for litigation documents

Cite to the leading authority, maintain good-law status, and prepare documents for court submission in minutes

Draft better documents and make stronger arguments with all the tools you need in one place

Drafting Assistant for Litigation Documents brings together everything you need to develop stronger arguments, reduce errors, and draft documents formatted for your jurisdiction. Thoroughly integrated with Westlaw, West km, and Case Notebook, Drafting Assistant boosts your efficiency and confidence while saving time.

Complete all drafting tasks with speed and efficiency

Locate Authority

Use Locate Authority to quickly target the leading case authority for a particular proposition of law with text extracted from your document.

Document review

Instantly review each case and check its KeyCite® status or generate a West Check® report – all from one intuitive user interface.

Citation formatting

Format citations using The Bluebook, ALWD, or 35 other state-specific rules – including Texas, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, California, and New York.

TOA generation

Save hours by using automated cite identification on Westlaw to generate a Table of Authorities.

Westlaw links

Insert hyperlinks to cited authorities on Westlaw for easier review and navigation.

Authority Compiler

Use Authority Compiler to append the full text of authority cited in your document.

Gain efficiency and accuracy with Drafting Assistant

See how attorneys in litigation, transactions, contracts, and compliance see results with this premier legal drafting software

Develop stronger arguments

Easily search Westlaw for supporting case authority and click to insert citations, or use West km to find relevant work product in your firm.

Draft efficiently with integrated tools

Drafting Assistant is designed to reduce the amount of time and energy legal professionals spend on common administrative drafting tasks such as locating authority, inserting good-law citations, building a table of authorities, document formatting, and proofreading. 

Prepare documents with a few clicks

Drafting Assistant allows you to easily format citations, generate a Table of Authorities, insert Westlaw links, and more.

See how you can streamline your drafting

Request a free demo and see how the right tools can remove the burden of drafting and let you focus on more profitable activities