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Witkin Award for Academic Excellence

Available to California law schools accredited by the ABA or by the State Bar of California

The Witkin Legal Institute is pleased to recognize academic excellence in California law schools by presenting the Witkin Award for Academic Excellence.

For each qualifying course at each participating school, the award will be given to the student designated by the school as attaining the highest grade in the course. In the event of a tie for the highest grade, the school should select a single winner by giving consideration to class performance, additional work, attendance, and overall grade point average. A student may receive awards for more than one course. The award is a personalized certificate suitable for framing. Winners may be selected for each term or semester of academic credit.

Qualifying courses
Qualifying courses are those offered for academic credit in a JD program. Performance must be graded by a letter or numerical grade. Courses graded pass/fail or credit/no credit do not qualify and students receiving pass/fail or credit/nocredit in graded courses do not qualify. A qualifying course must have an enrollment of at least 10 students. Courses with fewer than the requisite number of students (including seminars) do not qualify.

Participating schools
The award program is available to California law schools accredited by the ABA or by the State Bar of California. Each participating school should designate an award administrator.

Submission of names
School award administrators should report the names of winners at the close of each term or semester by emailing them as a MS Word document attachment to the address below.

Distribution of awards
Award certificates will be mailed to the school for presentation to the students.

Lists of winners and all communications about the award program should be sent to:

John Hanft
Director, Witkin Legal Institute
Thomson Reuters
50 California Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94111


(415) 344-5178

Qualifying courses

Administrative Law
Appellate Advocacy
Business Organizations
Civil Procedure
Commercial Law
Community Property
Conflicts of Laws
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Debtors' and Creditors' Rights
Dispute Resolution
Environmental Law
Estate Planning
Family Law

Federal Procedure
Intellectual Property
International Law
Labor Law
Legal Research and Writing
Negotiable Instruments
Personal Property
Professional Responsibility
Products Liability
Real Property
Secured Transactions
Trial Practice
Wills and Trusts
Uniform Commercial Code

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