Thomson Reuters HighQ Attorney Referral Program

Earn a $100 eGift card by referring a friend or colleague to Thomson Reuters HighQ

For each referral you provide that turns into a Thomson Reuters HighQ customer, we’ll be happy to send you a $100 eGift card.

The referral must become a Thomson Reuters HighQ client within 160 days and the eGift card will be emailed to you after this time-frame. See full terms & conditions below.

  • 1. All fields must be complete and accurate or your referral submission will be invalid​

    2. No limit on the number of colleagues referred​

    3. Qualifying referrals will be recognized with a thank you gift​

    4. Qualifying referrals must be:

    • Made by a current customer​
    • Submitted through
    • For law firms the referrer is not employed by​
    • The first referral received for the firm/contact​

    5. Referred colleague must become a Thomson Reuters HighQ client within 160 days​

    6. Thank you gift is not retroactive to previous referrals or sales

    7. Only one eGift card will be issued for each new Thomson Reuters HighQ customer. If more than one individual refers the same new customer to Thomson Reuters HighQ, then the eGift card will be sent to the individual whose referral form was submitted first​

    8. Thomson Reuters HighQ reserves the right to cancel this program at any time without notice. Referrals submitted on or before the cancellation date will be honored​

    9. Thomson Reuters HighQ retains the right to reject orders for any reason​