Identity verification Confirm identities, assess risk, and get a clearer picture of who your agency is interacting with

Automated and easy-to use Identity Verification solutions are essential for government agencies looking to protect their resources and program participants

Thomson Reuters Identity Solutions help government agencies verify and authenticate an individual's identity across their identification workflow and evaluate identity fraud threats in real-time. By harnessing the power of public records, proprietary risk analytics and device intelligence, agencies can reduce friction for their customers while feeling confident their resources are protected and support goes to those who truly need it.

Our solutions enable you to:​

Arm your agency with a consistent approach to identity verification which can save your team over a day’s worth of work each week

  • 99.9%
    Reduce the impact of ever-increasing fraudulent attacks with a solution that was proven to identify 99.9% of a state’s known fraudulent bad actors in 5 seconds.​
  • 50%
    Complete required verification checks in a frictionless manner with more than 50% increase in identity verification efficiency.​
  • 178%
    Protect your community’s resources with a solution that has provided an ROI of 178%, driven by fraud loss cost avoidance and improved productivity for fraud investigators.​

Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions

Solve some of your most pressing challenges throughout your entire workflow

Verify identities

Confirm identities of individuals throughout different stages of your identity workflow.

Risk assessment

Be alerted to identity risk flags, such as if any individual may be deceased or if there are any repetitive social security numbers.

Investigate concerns

Investigate individual hits and alerts to quickly understand and mitigate troubles that could harm your agency’s resources.

API approach

Easily and quickly verify identities within your own agency's platform with our API driven solutions.

Proactively prevent digital identity fraud and account takeover

Thomson Reuters Risk & Fraud Solutions and Feedzai have partnered to help government agencies seamlessly verify legitimate customers and silently detect bad actors before they can commit fraud. From front-end protection with New Account Fraud, to maintaining program integrity with Account Takeover Fraud, our Digital Trust solutions help you safeguard your agency and foster confidence by discreetly identifying and stopping potential threats.

Digital Trust

  • New Account Fraud (NAF)
    Pinpoint high-risk individuals for further identity verification before they are given the chance to enter your program based off behavior analysis.
  • Account Takeover Fraud (ATF)
    Reveal and respond to online identity impersonation and manipulation attacks.

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