Workplace Compliance and Risk Management

Transforming workplace risk

As you prepare your post-pandemic workplace protocol, demonstrate your leadership by employing a workplace risk management solution that identifies, investigates and documents security and compliance risks

Corporate security, employee safety, and vendor management is more important than ever

Already stressed IT, HR, and corporate security departments are flooded by back to office planning. Teams are working to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, ensure employee safety, and protect company assets. In times like these, leadership is forged, and workplace risk management programs are transformed in ways that will shape a better tomorrow.

Explore these resources to transform your workplace risk program and move your business forward in confidence.

Workplace risk management

Workforce operations have transformed in a way that will have a lasting impact. When it comes to corporate security and workforce risk management, it is important to understand the risks within the workforce. Knowing when a potentially unsafe workplace, regulatory or compliance risk, or customer trust degradation may occur is key to ensuring a secure and productive workforce.

Online investigation software

CLEAR for corporate security

With comprehensive, real-time data, as well as insights and efficiency tools, Thomson Reuters CLEAR helps you conduct corporate investigations with confidence.

Contact tracing

As workers gradually return to the office, corporate security departments will be expected to rise to the challenges of our new normal. One way to get back on your feet is to invest in a scalable, cloud-based contact tracing solution. One of the best ways to provide duty of care to your organization is to efficiently identify, alert, and manage potential illness to protect your employees, and provide a safe place for business.

Useful resources

Online investigation software

Contact Trace

Efficiently manage your contact trace process and increase staff productivity with Thomson Reuters Contact Trace.

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