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How to create a data-driven, efficient, and effective Law Department

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Today’s law departments face stiff challenges

General counsel, in-house counsel, and legal operations leaders must overcome obstacles like never before. They’re asked to make data-driven decisions to align law department goals to the business’ goals, while working efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. In short, they’re being asked to do much more with far less.

Thomson Reuters has the resources to overcome them

General counsels

Let data drive your decisions

As a general counsel (GC), it's your job to align the goals of the law department with the business to accurately forecast—and expertly manage—the budget and to control outside spend. To do this effectively and efficiently enough so you have the time to serve as the business' trusted advisor, your legal workflow needs to be data driven. We have the resources to help.

In-house attorneys

Boost collaboration inside and outside the business

As an in-house attorney, it's your job to work on contracts, agreements, and a whole range of documents. This means working with many other partners, both inside and outside the business. To do your work efficiently and effectively, you need an easy way to collaborate. Explore our resources designed to create a more collaborative workflow.

Legal operations professionals

Control legal spend and workflow

As a law department operations leader, it's your job to ensure your department has the technology it needs to streamline the workflow. Not only must you help them control the process, but also you must help control spend. Legal workflow management systems are available to make your job easier.

Thomson Reuters Solutions

Explore products built to transform today’s legal workflow.

Legal Software


HighQ is an intelligent work platform that allows you to streamline collaboration, legal service delivery, legal operations, client engagement, and much more.

Legal Software

Legal Tracker

Legal Tracker provides matter management, e-billing, reporting, and analytics capabilities that maximize your legal department’s efficiency and value.