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5 ways to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day all year long

Love Your Lawyer Day is November 1st. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate the contributions that legal professionals like you make every day. You can use this occasion break out of the usual routine, create more visibility and build your firm’s reputation. Here are a few great ways to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day all year long.

1. Get involved with your local community

Creating positive visibility at a local level is extremely helpful for any law firm, and as FindLaw’s annual U.S. Consumer Legal Needs Survey shows, proximity to a lawyer’s office is one of the most important factors that legal consumers consider when searching for counsel. Look for opportunities to support others in the area, like sponsoring a local event or youth sports league. Take your team out to volunteer at a local charity or food shelter. You could even visit another small business and offer a free contract review or other light work to break the ice. These types of efforts leave a positive impression with potential clients, making them more likely to come to you with their next legal need.

2. Do some pro bono work

Love Your Lawyer Day is the perfect reminder to do some pro bono work. It not only serves the public good, but it also has potential business benefits as well. Taking on these free cases leaves a strong impression with clients that may recommend you to others in the future. You can also use pro bono cases to study and practice new types of matters and expand your skillset. Use the American Bar Association’s National Pro Bono Guide to find a cause you believe in. To learn how to get more out of your pro bono hours, check out this free roadmap to success with pro bono work.

3. Reach out to satisfied clients

If you have recently wrapped up a matter for a client and you are reasonably certain they had a positive experience working with you, it’s always good to follow up. Take some time to call or email recent clients and ask if they would be willing to write a review about your practice on Google or Facebook. For a more personal touch, invite a past client out for lunch or coffee to re-connect. People are much more willing to recommend you when you show that you are invested in their wellbeing and establish a personal connection. They might also reveal improvements that you could apply to your work process.

4. Social Q&A Session

You can easily use your social media channels to engage with potential clients and boost your visibility online. One idea is to conduct a free question and answer session using tools like Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. These broadcasting outlets can be targeted at nearby areas to reach a local audience beyond your current followers. With a little practice and planning, this type of activity can be a valuable way to showcase your personality and legal knowledge.

5. Share the love with other lawyers

Every lawyer should feel the love this year. Reach out to other local lawyers to get to know them. Or if there is another firm that you work with often, use Love Your Lawyer Day as a reminder to thank them for being great colleagues and sharing or taking on referrals. Building a reciprocal relationship with other local attorneys elevates everyone involved and increases the chances of them referring cases your way in the future. If you really want to do something special, organize a joint event for local lawyers and their families to celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day together, highlighting successes and sharing how each of you has served the local community this year.

Lawyers like you make a tremendous impact on the lives of the people you serve. So, let Love Your Lawyer Day on November 1st be a reminder to appreciate your good work all year long. Follow #LoveYourLawyerDay to see how other lawyers are celebrating, then check out our thank you page to learn about upcoming events and enter to win a free Love Your Lawyer Day t-shirt.

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